DETONATOR New Partnership with ASUS Gaming-Brand “ROG”

    DETONATOR New Partnership with ASUS Gaming-Brand “ROG”

    ASUS JAPAN Corp. Announced Sponsorship with Pro Gaming Team DETONATOR
    They are going to work together toward the first place of Gaming Brands

    On January 19, ASUS JAPAN Corp. Announced a partnership with DETONATOR, an international pro gaming team located in Japan, in order to broaden its reputation among E-sports communities. Asus wants to let game lovers know its strengths in a plenty of the gaming products and technologies, and we want to deliver its quality of the products from the viewpoint of the pro gaming team.

    Comment from Hideki Satou, Marketing Manager, Business Department at ASUS JAPAN OP.
    “From the Taiwan head office to the global branch offices, there has been a large number of sponsorships with the prominent E-sports teams, and we have established Win-Win relationships in a variety of gaming scenes. As a result, the RGG brand and our gaming products are constantly getting recognized by those who love games.”
    “At the moment, we were able to take the first step of a brilliant challenge in Japan. We appreciate having had this day. From now on, we are going to contribute to E-sports industry and struggle to make the ROG brand firm with the pro gaming team DETONATOR.”

    First of all, I’m grateful to ASUS’s understanding of what we do and promise of solid supports. From now on, we are going to help expanding the recognition of the ROG brand in Japan. In order to utilize our experiences, we want to participate in shop events throughout Japan actively. As a team, We would like to make ROG the best brand.