【CS:GO】The Launch of DeToNator.EU

    Counter-Strike:Global Offensive


    Comment from DeToNator manager Ejiri

    For DeToNator’s Counter Strike Global Offensive division’s new step, we have started to be active in Europe.

    The members will be the following Norwegian.

    Team Captain
    1. FuruaN

    2. organner 

    3. Kasper 

    4. nixxor

    5. wwww

    These five new players will be playing for DeToNator.EU.

    This story began from a contact from nixxor. We have been exchanging messages and have made a good relationship to start a new team in EU. DeToNator.EU is still a team to grow so we have started as a tryout. According to there accomplishments we will like to take further steps. If they cannot achieve anything through out the tryout, we will have to end this connection. But still it is important for both of us to look for a long and good relationship. We also had a comment from the players that they will like our support step by step.

    As for me, as it is a new challenge so I have to move carefully but are really excited to have members regardless of nationality and are highly motivated. I believe that this challenge will be a source for the future and that this will guide DeToNator to the world.

    Thank you for your continuous support for DeToNator and supports to the new DeToNator.EU!!.

    Are new teams first step will start from CEVO Season 12 and the Telenor League coming up.

    Comment from Martin “FuruaN” Johansen

    My name is Martin “FuruaN” Johansen, and I’m the team captain of DeToNator.EU.

    I would like to thank MaxJam/Masaru for giving us the opportunity to play under such a well established and respected organization.

    We have great ambitions for 2017 and hope to achieve many titles under DeToNator.


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